Latest Twitch Follower Widget

The latest twitch follower widget displays the name of your most current follower on It will be highlighted and can play a Sound, if a new follower was detected.

The Widget can be found as "Latest Follower" in the Twitch Category in the Edit-Mode.

Example of the latest follower widget

Widget Settings

Additionally to the Generic Widget Settings there are the following options:

  • Title: The title to show over the box (see Widgets > Box)
  • Scale: The zoom factor of the box. Use this option, if you want your follower widget to be larger or smaller than other widgets. (see Widgets > Box)
  • username: The Twitch Username to display the latest follower of. Defaults to your own Twitch Username
  • Soundeffect: Select a soundfile, that will be played when a new follower was detected