Overlayr Provides a range of predefined themes, which you can simply apply to change the whole look of your overlay. The themes are built, so that you can simply change the look of your overlay without having to readjust it.

Changing themes

To change the local theme that is being applied to all your widgets, Simply change to the Themes Tab in the edit Mode, Under "themes", select the theme you like.

The widgets on your screen will instantly refresh and be displayed using the new theme.

Per Widget themes

If you want to alter the theme for a specific widget, you can do so by changing to the Widget Settings and use the "Theme" field.

That way you will only change the theme for one specific widget and not for all of them. To remove the individual theme, select the current global theme.

Available Themes

The following themes are currently available:

  • overlayr: The default overlayr theme inspired by the overlayr color scheme
    Example of the overlayr theme

  • Spotify Filled: A Flat, filled theme based on the dark spotify color scheme. Best used in combination with a Screencapture of your spotify window, to show your audience what you are listening to
    Example of the Spotify Filled Theme

  • Spotify Outline: A dark, outlined theme based on the spotify color scheme.
    Example of the Spotify Outline Theme

  • DevWars: Very similar to the Spotify Outline theme, but based on the dark-blue color scheme of
    Example of the DevWars Theme

  • SYNTAG: Theme based upon the overlay of twitch streamer SYNTAG, who helped design overlayr.
    Example of the SYNTAG Theme

  • Transparent black: A theme with transparent backgrounds, just black text. Use, if you simply want to add interactive elements to your custom designed overlay.
    Example of the Transparent black Theme

  • Transparent white: Similar to Transparent black, but with white text
    Example of the Transparent white Theme

  • Pumpkin Orange: Inspired by the color of a pumpkin
    Example of the Pumpkin Orange Theme

  • Bloody: Black widgets covered in blood splatters
    Example of the Bloody Theme

  • Snow: Light blue widgets with snow flakes
    Example of the Snow Theme