Browser Capture

Browser Capture is a alternative method of displaying a overlay on your stream. It works by capturing the browser and applying a color key filter to the source to key out the green background. Note that this method of capturing is not recommended. If you can, please use the CLR/Browsersource plugin as outlined in the User Guide

Using browser capture

To use Browser Capture, open the browser capture link from the live dialog. You will now see your overlay with a green background and a black border. The green background was added to be keyed out and the black border indicates the 16:9 ratio.

Now, add a new window capture layer to your overlay and select the browser window. Crop the layer, so that the browser and the black borders are not visible any more.

Example of a browser capture window in OBS

Now rightclick on the new layer in the layer list and add a new color key filter. This filter will transform the green background into transparency.

Left: Adding the filter. Right: Colorkey settings.

Disadvantages of browser capture

Browsercapture is only meant to be used, if the CLR/Browsersource plugin is not available. Please understand the following disadvantages of Browser Capture before using it:

Overlays with green elements are not possible

Because everything that is green will be transformed into transparency, green overlays are impossible.

Thin borders may not be smooth

Because of the way the colorkey filter works, edges that are not smooth and especially thin edges (such as text) may look pixelated and may have green coloring

Green "color spill"

Because the color plugin cannot remove 100% of the color, there may be green borders or a slight green tint towards the border of an element.